Saturday, August 20, 2005

Still at work in paradise

Well, I just spent the past 5 days working 2o hours a day on
a rig in the middle of an island paradise. Now I've got a free
day to go and sample the local rum, or maybe I should just

I've got to say that the locals are probably the nicest people
I've ever worked for in the oilfield. Problems that would have
a Texan company man jumping up and down with anger just
make the locals shrug and ask for a better effort.

The locals are known as "Bajan", not barbadans. They say y'all
like a US southerner, and call loved ones "boo" like people from
the south too. When a Bajan walks into a room and it is night time,
he'll say 'good night' as he walks in, like in spanish people say
buenas noches, but it sounds jarring to my ears, like walking into
a room and saying 'goodbye'.

Anyway, nice place, nice people but I'd rather be here on vacation.
Now, off to drink a cuba libre or maybe a local Banks Beer.


Blogger Sharon said...

Wow, does that sound refreshing.


1:30 PM  

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