Thursday, August 25, 2005

Barbados blogging

Here's the view from
my hotel during a brief
downpour yesterday.

It rains every day here
someplace on the island,
it rains up at the office
every day at 2:30 pm,
you can almost set your
watch by this.

Hopefully this will be the
only type of rain I'll see on
this island, if there is a hurricane
the only place to run here is to the room on the next floor up.

The hotel I'm staying at isn't exactly a deluxe resort, there's no
beach in front of it, I've got to creep on to the beach of the resort
next door where they all get free drinks and fresh fruit delivered
by waiters. (other guys offshore are saying "cry me a river, bitch")

The waves actually crash on a wall just beyond those palm trees,
and with the stronger wind blowing this week a frequent crash,
crash, crash can be heard all the time. Kind of nice, but I'd rather go


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