Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fox has more of a clue

One of my coworkers just clued me in that
we do have fox news, I have to reprogram
the tv channels to get it though. Their
news readers seem to have more of a clue,
at least they have some idea of the geography
of SE LA. Also they have good taste in
Hotels, they are staying at the "W".

One lady on CNN kept saying "the french
quarters" which made me wince every time.

On the other hand the fox guys just said "those
old buildings in the french quarter are more
suseptible to strong winds, unlike newer
buildings". When the answer is just the
opposite. Those buildings in the french
quarter have stood the test of time, they've
gone through other hurricanes through the
18th and 19th centuries when there was little
or no levee system.

At least I hope that is true, my dad just
used the same argument to say they are staying
in their house since it survived camile.


Anonymous Amanda said...

i hope u get in tuch with your dad. yah my grandmother lives in lower jefferson parish and she decided to stay too

11:12 PM  

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