Sunday, August 28, 2005

All I can say is: Gah!

Over at Eye of the Storm, Charles points out that Kat is
(may be) an Annular hurricane, instead of a normal spiral storm
that can't maintain cat 5 for more than a few hours, annular
storms (like Ivan) can remain cat 5 for 30 hours or more.

So enough of the theory, what does this mean practically?

It means that the situation has gotten even worse. If Katrina is indeed annular, then the chances of her retreating down to say category three status are nil. If we make the somewhat unlikely presumption that she has reached her maximum strength (and again if she is annular), then the averages of such hurricanes suggest that she would only weaken to 145 mph at landfall. That would be a storm with Charley-like intensity, but on a much larger scale as Charley was puny compared to the present size of Katrina.

Steve Gregory over at wunderblogs says:

This central pressure is very close to that recorded in Camille in 1969 - the most powerful land falling hurricane in U.S. history, with a storm surge of 25' in some locations. As surmised last evening in my final update, if the eye wall was to shrink to 15NM diameter, we would have another Camille -- except it is a larger storm than Camille.
This storm will produce the most catastrophic damage in modern times if it maintains it's intensity and projected track. The repercussions of which will be felt nationwide for a very long time come.
These blogs points out the strength of blogs over conventional
media. If people had been reading more blogs since friday
they would have left new orleans yesterday. Whereas cnn
didn't go into panic mode until 6 am today.
Mayor Nagin just ordered a mandatory evacuation, by
reading the legaleze version of the order instead of saying
more plainly it is time to leave, and if you don't leave no
one will come rescue you.

Hopefully it wasn't poorly executed and too late.

Governor blanco just mentioned that President Bush called to
make sure there was a mandatory evactuation.

She keeps mentioning being blessed, and she keeps repeating
herself and mentioning flying in and looking at the traffic.
Instead of a governor she is really just a traffic reporter
and a bad one at that.

I voted for Bobby Jindal, and I wish that fast talking guy had


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