Friday, August 26, 2005

Cold Fury all over again

This week four years ago my wife and I just got
back from a trip to Washington and New York.
When we went to the world trade center, it was
rainy so we couldn't go on the roof, I thought,
oh well we'll see that next time we come to New

Or maybe we won't.

I'm watching Inside 9-11 on National Geographic
and I'm furious all over again. I can almost
understand the policy of not showing these scenes
over and over again. We'd be demanding real war,
war to the knife.

"The following segment contains footage of people
jumping from the twin towere, viewer discretion is

(The coverage on american television never did show
people jumping to their deaths, I only saw it on
Telemundo in spanish, where they can show things with
a third person detachment as things happen to the
Norte Americanos.)

I thought I'd try and live blog this show, but without
my DVR I can't keep track of the heros who left safety
to return to rescue more people, or firefighters going
upstairs when all others are going downstairs.

"As I tripped on a step I looked into the eyes of a fireman
going up the stairs on the same step as me.
He knew where he was going and he didn't miss a goddamn

Website with links to original interviews:

This show is a good reason to always try your best.
The people who make stupid decisions on the radio sound
truly stupid when the recording is played back on a
show like this: "Do we want to scramble fighters...
duh...God, I really don't know"...

Meanwhile, some heros have climbed 78 floors and are
fighting the fire in the south tower amonst the dying
and the dead.

"Lets Roll"


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