Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sing it

I'm reading Victor Davis Hanson's latest book when I have time
to sit and read something, at the rate I'm reading I can make this
book last all year.

He's got a really great article posted on his blog as he sings the chorus
to the end of the west. If we had fought and lost that might have been
honorable, but it looks suspiciously like the men of realpolit are coming
back to abandon the kurds.

But why would either Damascus or Teheran wish to talk? The answer is plain. The former wants to profess to cool it a bit in destabilizing Iraq in exchange for us turning a blind eye in Lebanon; the latter wants to act like stopping the sending of agents of our destruction into Iraq in exchange for cooling our rhetoric about their bomb. What we would be doing in essence by “dialoguing” is saying to both the democracies in Lebanon and Israel, “Sorry, but we have to find a way out of Iraq, and these fascists will promise to turn away from us if they can turn on you.”

All this is dressed up with realist “maturity” and “concern” but it would be consistent with those who brought us Iran-Contra, aid to both Iran and Iraq in their war, stopping before Baghdad, hugs with the House of Saud that paid money to those who killed Americans, and on and on. If Syria and Iran can be assured of a truce, that we won’t destabilize them at home or stop their adventurism abroad, then they might let us save face in Iraq. That they would ever honor such a deal is absurd, that we would ever believe they would is worse than absurd.

For five long years many of us have praised this administration’s constancy and idealism, in removing the Taliban and Saddam, and then staying on to do the hard, the easily caricatured work of democratization. The liberal hawks have long bailed. The paleos have turned venomous in their criticism. Many of the neo-cons have sought escape by blaming the flawed occupation for ruining their supposedly perfect three-week take-down of Saddam. But there are millions of us still out there who, Jacksonian in spirit, close ranks and will support our troops wherever they are. But we simply cannot ask Americans to die in Anbar province while talking to the Iranians and Syrians who are doing their best through surrogates in killing them.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Playing frogger

Our apartment
is on one side of
a major street
and my office is
on the other side.
Since it's only a few
blocks I tend to
hoof it over there,
which has the downside
of jaywalking through
heavy traffic with
my heavy-assed
dell m70 laptop.

I try to make it across as fast as I can, but I usually end up
stuck on one of 3 medians. The locals make it across effortlessly,
they walk without fear and without seeming to look. I bet
colombians would rock at the game frogger.

I'll probably get squished to the theme song...wawawawawup!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

america alone

I finally got to finish Mark Steyn's America Alone last night. I put it down
in fear and disgust last week, and finally picked it up to finish it last night.
It's a great book but not a happy read, seeing how it looks like the world will
really go to shit in 30 years just in time for me to be too old to do anything
about it. I'll be 70 years old and the jihadists won't have to bother beheading
me, they can just yank the feeding tube out or whatever.

It looks bleak and the muslims may out procreate us and out convert us
but the clearest answer to me is to say screw you to all political correctness.
We may not be the best culture in the world, but I choose nascar-watching,
barbaque-eating, jambalaya-cooking, rock&roll-listening good ol' redneck
USA over most of the rest of the world. We're not all equally good, there are
right answers to the test and if someone's only answer is to beat their women
and threaten to cut off the pope's head then yes, I am better than them.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Latest from Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons is a speculative fiction writer who wrote a scary
short story last april and now writes even more indepth explanation
and background in another article that I must have missed a few months
ago, but it got linked from Cold fury today, where their mellow is definitely
harshed today

There's too much information in Mr. simmons' article to try and excerpt
much, but one quote does seem to point out what is happening in the world

Forgetfulness overcomes every successful civilization," writes Lee Harris. That forgetfulness is this: in each era, just when trade and peace and reason and moderation seem most likely to prevail, the opportunity for the zealots to succeed through ruthlessness is at its greatest.

"The result is an unsettling paradox: the more the spirit of commerce triumphs, the closer mankind comes to dispensing with war, the nearer we approach the end of history, the greater are the rewards to those who decide to return to the path of war, and the easier it will be for them to conquer. There is nothing that can be done to change this fact; it is built into the structure of our world."

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Colombian TV & Science fiction

I took today off work since my wife is running around choosing
wooden flooring to install I took the chance to sit around
reading science fiction and watching TV. My order from
Amazon that I ordered last weekend got here, the most
expensive books ever, since I paid for expedited int'l shipping.
I didn' t think about import duties my $138 dollars in
books turned into $200 with shipping, plus $70 in duties
and sales taxes here. I won't be doing that again. ouch.

I did get the 2nd half of the Barron's spanish course on CD.
I highly recommend the 1st half if you're trying to learn
spanish. I've tried various books and courses but that was
the one that really helped my accent and fluency. To get
to where I can use more than 3 verb tenses I'm doing the
2nd part. I bought another copy of the 1st half for one of my
non-spanish speaking coworkers, since I managed to let my
copy get packed up by the movers with my other spanish
training material. (doh!)

I also got a few books to read for fun, America Alone by
Mark Steyn and A War Like No Other by VDH. My one
fiction purchace was Janissaries by Jerry Pournelle. A
really good Science Fiction novel similar to the old Heinlein
books. Unfortunately, I already finished it and now I feel
like I ate half a krispy creme donut, and I'd like 11 1/2

SoI'm stuck drinking club colombia beer and watching
Sonia Bragga rape Clint Eastwood on Cinemax, but I don't
want use up another of my million dollar books today, I
must save them like day old crispy creme donuts, to be
microwaved and relished with coffee.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fields of Fire

James Webb won and the Republicans lost the senate too.
This looks bad to the people that hate us, they don't know how
the US electoral system works, so they're probably waiting for
the president to declare new elections or something. They think
we lost, but it's probably not that bleak.
I'm not that worried about James Webb, I like his writing and
most of views, and trust him to make a good decision when the
time comes. Pelosi and the other leaders are more worrisome,
who knows what pain their stupid statements and actions will
cause 5 years from now.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ejecting from a cardboard submarine

Bill Whittle is amazing, just when it seems he's abandoned us
to our fate without comment, he pops back up with an essay
that expresses a lot of things that I wish I could say but don't
have the words for.

He mentions the story of the cardboard submarine that you could buy from
the back of a comic book, this made me chortle because if I made
a list of all the things that I've wanted in my life, from my first
PC to a desire for a Jaguar XJS, probably 20% would be things
that I dreamed of buying from the back of a comic book. X-ray
glasses, or the 400 piece set of army men for only $2.99! But
as Mr Whittle so ably points out, just wishing for plastic crap
from the back of a comic does not a nuclear sub make.

Just visualizing whirled peas does not make for a safer world when
there are people with long knives who wish to see the infidel dead
and their women in burkas. Go read the essay, he blasts holes
in so many stupid ideas that it's too hard to figure out which one
to plagarize. It's the kind of good writing that makes me feel
slightly ashamed that I've left the USA at a time of need. Or maybe
there is no need, if I visualize world peace Los Farc will stay happily
in their mountain hidouts, and they'll dance tralala with their islamofacist
friends. ( maybe they won't and a car bomb will go off a couple of
blocks from here, doh! already happened.)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cake or Death?

Dr. Sanity has a great post today using death by chocalate cake
as a metaphor for Saddam's wmd's:

There has always been somthing wrong with the MSM's train of reasoning. First the press persisted in encouraging the delusion that no WMD's or their antecedents were ever found in Iraq and that "Bush lied". Now they want you to believe that Saddam indeed had a detailed and documented program developing WMD's; but that the real problem is that Bush Administration's reckless publishing of the details of that program has facilitated Iran becoming a nuclear power.

I couldn't excerpt the cake recipe part, because when I read it it gave me such
an overwhelming desire for hot cake and icecream that I almost
burst out of the apartment on my way to the store. If I were to post it,
it's too easy here to call for cake "a domicilio" (you can even call for beer
to be delivered here), so go read it yourself, it's too much temptation

That post did hit a memory nerve, discussing wmd's and cake called
Eddie Izzard's comedy routine to mind. While the spanish inquistion
offered death and torture, the Anglican minister offered the options of
cake or death...only the truly stupid choose death....I mean cake!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

"If it's not the Crusades, it's the cartoons."

I wish I had bought Mark Steyn's book "America Alone" before
I moved down here. The number of books in english is pretty
limited, and it certainly doesn't contain any books that I agree
with politically. Mr Steyn has a great column that describes an
interview with George W. Bush

n 2020, no one's going to be worrying about which Congressional page Mark Foley is coming on to. Except Mark Foley, who'll be getting a bit long in the tooth by then. But if it really is, as Democrats say, ''all about the future of our children,'' then our children will want to know why our generation saw what was happening and didn't do anything about it. They will despise us as we despise the political class of the 1930s. And the fact that we passed a great prescription drug plan will be poor consolation when the entire planet is one almighty headache.

Go read the column and then vote against your local liberal.

Frustration with the news

I'm tired of watching various groups demanding Donald Rumsfield
quit. Apparently now the Army times is going to add it's voice to the
noise, adding to the constant stream of retired generals saying the
plan was flawed, there weren't enough troops, or boots on the ground,

The time for those dickheads to speak out was when Rumsfield and
Bush went around the room asking for their opinions. The responsibility
of the generals in charge was, if they didn't agree with the plan, the #
of troops, or the mission, was to resign in protest then speak out. But
do it before the event, not after.

Waiting 3 years until their pension is safe, (what's the pension for an O-8?),
retiring, then saying the plan was flawed does not do us any fucking
good, and if they couldn't speak out for fear of losing $80k per year
against saving thousands of lives, then they should keep their trap
shut now.