Monday, November 06, 2006

Cake or Death?

Dr. Sanity has a great post today using death by chocalate cake
as a metaphor for Saddam's wmd's:

There has always been somthing wrong with the MSM's train of reasoning. First the press persisted in encouraging the delusion that no WMD's or their antecedents were ever found in Iraq and that "Bush lied". Now they want you to believe that Saddam indeed had a detailed and documented program developing WMD's; but that the real problem is that Bush Administration's reckless publishing of the details of that program has facilitated Iran becoming a nuclear power.

I couldn't excerpt the cake recipe part, because when I read it it gave me such
an overwhelming desire for hot cake and icecream that I almost
burst out of the apartment on my way to the store. If I were to post it,
it's too easy here to call for cake "a domicilio" (you can even call for beer
to be delivered here), so go read it yourself, it's too much temptation

That post did hit a memory nerve, discussing wmd's and cake called
Eddie Izzard's comedy routine to mind. While the spanish inquistion
offered death and torture, the Anglican minister offered the options of
cake or death...only the truly stupid choose death....I mean cake!


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