Saturday, November 04, 2006

"If it's not the Crusades, it's the cartoons."

I wish I had bought Mark Steyn's book "America Alone" before
I moved down here. The number of books in english is pretty
limited, and it certainly doesn't contain any books that I agree
with politically. Mr Steyn has a great column that describes an
interview with George W. Bush

n 2020, no one's going to be worrying about which Congressional page Mark Foley is coming on to. Except Mark Foley, who'll be getting a bit long in the tooth by then. But if it really is, as Democrats say, ''all about the future of our children,'' then our children will want to know why our generation saw what was happening and didn't do anything about it. They will despise us as we despise the political class of the 1930s. And the fact that we passed a great prescription drug plan will be poor consolation when the entire planet is one almighty headache.

Go read the column and then vote against your local liberal.


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