Saturday, November 18, 2006

america alone

I finally got to finish Mark Steyn's America Alone last night. I put it down
in fear and disgust last week, and finally picked it up to finish it last night.
It's a great book but not a happy read, seeing how it looks like the world will
really go to shit in 30 years just in time for me to be too old to do anything
about it. I'll be 70 years old and the jihadists won't have to bother beheading
me, they can just yank the feeding tube out or whatever.

It looks bleak and the muslims may out procreate us and out convert us
but the clearest answer to me is to say screw you to all political correctness.
We may not be the best culture in the world, but I choose nascar-watching,
barbaque-eating, jambalaya-cooking, rock&roll-listening good ol' redneck
USA over most of the rest of the world. We're not all equally good, there are
right answers to the test and if someone's only answer is to beat their women
and threaten to cut off the pope's head then yes, I am better than them.


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