Saturday, November 11, 2006

Colombian TV & Science fiction

I took today off work since my wife is running around choosing
wooden flooring to install I took the chance to sit around
reading science fiction and watching TV. My order from
Amazon that I ordered last weekend got here, the most
expensive books ever, since I paid for expedited int'l shipping.
I didn' t think about import duties my $138 dollars in
books turned into $200 with shipping, plus $70 in duties
and sales taxes here. I won't be doing that again. ouch.

I did get the 2nd half of the Barron's spanish course on CD.
I highly recommend the 1st half if you're trying to learn
spanish. I've tried various books and courses but that was
the one that really helped my accent and fluency. To get
to where I can use more than 3 verb tenses I'm doing the
2nd part. I bought another copy of the 1st half for one of my
non-spanish speaking coworkers, since I managed to let my
copy get packed up by the movers with my other spanish
training material. (doh!)

I also got a few books to read for fun, America Alone by
Mark Steyn and A War Like No Other by VDH. My one
fiction purchace was Janissaries by Jerry Pournelle. A
really good Science Fiction novel similar to the old Heinlein
books. Unfortunately, I already finished it and now I feel
like I ate half a krispy creme donut, and I'd like 11 1/2

SoI'm stuck drinking club colombia beer and watching
Sonia Bragga rape Clint Eastwood on Cinemax, but I don't
want use up another of my million dollar books today, I
must save them like day old crispy creme donuts, to be
microwaved and relished with coffee.


Blogger Sharon said...

I had a Spanish class in middle school. All I know how to do is identify colors and count.

I had to choose another name by which I could be addressed in the class. Sharon, apparently, has no equivalent. So I chose Elena. I still think it's such a beautiful name.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Thanks Elena, colors and numbers is more than I knew the first time I came down here. All I had time to memorize
before I flew down here was "llevame a la embajada americana".

5:36 AM  

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