Saturday, November 04, 2006

Frustration with the news

I'm tired of watching various groups demanding Donald Rumsfield
quit. Apparently now the Army times is going to add it's voice to the
noise, adding to the constant stream of retired generals saying the
plan was flawed, there weren't enough troops, or boots on the ground,

The time for those dickheads to speak out was when Rumsfield and
Bush went around the room asking for their opinions. The responsibility
of the generals in charge was, if they didn't agree with the plan, the #
of troops, or the mission, was to resign in protest then speak out. But
do it before the event, not after.

Waiting 3 years until their pension is safe, (what's the pension for an O-8?),
retiring, then saying the plan was flawed does not do us any fucking
good, and if they couldn't speak out for fear of losing $80k per year
against saving thousands of lives, then they should keep their trap
shut now.


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