Friday, March 31, 2006

Vacation's a comin'

I bought the airline tickets for our vacation yesterday. I
had to modify my original plan, which was to fly to Rome,
and take a commuter plane or a train to Paris. I waited
on a call back from a travel agent though...almost too late
as we crossed an invisible barrier between reasonable tickets
and freakin expensive tickets.

The rome tickets went from $700 to $1300 in a day...oh
well, best laid plans and all. I went with the $650 tickets to
Paris and pushed the buy button. I then made the mistake
of calling continental to try and upgrade those tickets using
miles....the agent didn't even laugh as she said "that'll be
$450 plus 20000miles each way. per ticket. My brain's only response
was to think "do I get a blowjob with that?" My mouth wisely
stayed silent, since one of my employees was sitting 5 feet
away. (my homerfication is almost complete: "hmmmm,

All I need now is about 8 different hotel reservations, some
train tickets and a two week course in french and italian.

"mama mia, that's a good meatball!" probably won't get us
very far. [hmmmm meatballs, aaaaaggghl]

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So much for spring

I'm traveling today and tomorrow, making a trip to Liberal, Kansas.
Tornado country. Toto et al country. It's cold as heck here, I thought
it would be springtime with wildflowers blooming, instead the snow
covers the ground, and it's sleeting.

A very sucky trip on a two engine propeller plane. It sucks to
go somewhere that is only a few hundred miles from Houston,
and it takes longer than it does to get to Europe. Not helped
by having to turn around and return to Denver when some
warning light lit.

Oh well. The holiday inn has comedy central, so I got to see
the darthifcation of Chef. Good lesson learned, don't piss off
the writers of southpark.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

At least it's not as bad as it was

The Scifi channel is showing the movie "The Day After",
and I've paused in my channel surfing to revisit an event
that I thought was a virtual certainty to happen when
I was younger.

In the new orleans of my youth, every couple of years
they'd cycle through scare stories about the levees
breaking, or back in the 70's and 80's they'd also cover
the Soviets attacking. There'd be map of the city, with
different range circles for different attacks...military only
or if they attack population centers. Either way, our house
seemed to be covered by the 'all dead' circle.

Of course in New Orleans there is nary a cellar or basement,
if we got hit we'd be, as they say in spanish, jodido. So better
dead then red, was a chant, but with possibly deadly outcomes.
And it seemed so certain to happen back then. Did that really

The people in Iran should watch this movie. Maybe I can buy
them a copy on Amazon and send it to them. Maybe they'd
watch it and understand the message, that in the past this country
was willing to trade everything, family, cities, life happiness
just to avoid communism. Don't they know that if we are
attacked, they'll be destroyed?

On a lighter note, steve gutenberg just made his appearance,
it's the one movie I've ever seen him in without that stupid grin
on his face.

Help, help, I'm being oppressed!

Dennis the Peasant has a hilarious post, or at least hilarious
in a sad, true to life way, on blogging for money. Since
I've made some similar missteps that pissed away buckets of
hard earned money, maybe I should continue my same methods
and try blogging for cash.

I missed the 80's, since I was still in school and had no money
to piss away. But the 90's I pissed away enough money, especially
at the end of the decade on etrade...I was gambling so much there
(I mean investing) that they should have at least given me free
drinks. Or as the peasant says:

Now this time it might have all worked... except for that one last bit of bad luck.

Things started out so well, after all. You took a large position in Hogs O’Million (a small pork rind factory in Grapevine, Texas) at $5.25 a share and then watched the stock soar to $100.50 on the basis of some hot news from a couple of internet stock picking sites. You have paper profits out the wazoo, and decide to celebrate your new-found wealth appropriately – a pair of matching BMW 5-series sedans for you and the Missus. Well, wouldn’t you know it: While your signing the papers at the dealership, the story that the ‘hot news’ that had spurred all the buying turned out to be coming from a 13 year-old prankster in Lompoc. By the time you got home, you had $75,000 worth of car loans and a stock that’s worth $0.05 per share.

I did basically the same thing. I bought a company called
eConnect that was rated a "strong buy", then I went to work
on a rig in colombia where I was able to watch as the stock tripled
on a made up story, but by the time I made it back to a place
with an internet connection, the stock was frozen
by the SEC at about 5% what I paid for it.

So maybe this blogging for money is for me.
Of course to keep income constant, I'll have charge slightly
higher than normal rates, lets see, 150000 readers at $.10/reader
gives $15k. so at my current readership rates, I need bill gates
to surf his ass over to my blog and give me some cash.

Or I can just by the Peasant's course for a low fee, and I'm sure
success will follow. That will be right after someone from Etrade
shows up with my free drinks

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rodeo Houston

I got a free trip to the rodeo last night. The company has a suite
there at reliant stadium, and a friend had a spare ticket and some
clients he wanted me to meet. Nice place, free food, free alchohol,
just a little too high for my viewing pleasure...I spent most of the
night watching the big screen monitors instead of the live action.

I could have done that from home, just without the free food and
alchohol. The other big benefit of the suite, and the reason it is called
that is there is a bathroom in the suite. I started to walk out into
the thronging mass of people to go find a bathroom somewhere, when
I noticed the open door to our bathroom. Sweet!

The rodeo action was pretty interesting. I didn't really know what is 'good'
though, I had the same feeling I get when I watch hockey. Lots of
fast action, but I can't really tell what the heck is going on. The part I liked
best was the chuck wagon races, like nascar with horses. Or maybe more
like the scene from Ben Hur, I kept expecting the chuck wagons to have
spikes on the wheels to destroy the spokes of their opponents wheels.
Oh well, maybe that wouldn't be too family friendly.

John Fogarty was the musical act. Fucking awesome. Just like CCR.
The closeup from the camera showed what looked like a hint of boredom
(who wouldn't be after 30 years), but he still put lots of energy into each
song. I jerked awake this morning with the words "you got to hideehideehide"
rattling in my brain, and I was back in high school.

ARTIST: John Fogerty
TITLE: The Old Man Down the Road
Lyrics and Chords

He take the thunder from the mountain
He take the lightning from the sky
He bring the strong man to his begging knee
He make the young girl's mama cry

/ Em7 Em - - / / C - Em - / 1st /

You got to hidey-hide
You got to jump and run
You got to hidey-hidey-hide
The old man is down the road

/ " / / / C - B7 - Em - - - /

He got the voices speak in riddles
He got the eye as black as coal
He got a suitcase covered with rattlesnake hide
And he stands right in the road

{Refrain} to jump up run away...

He make the river call your lover
He make the barking of the hound
Put a shadow 'cross the window
When the old man comes around

{Refrain} to jump up run again...

The old man is down the road

sorry, my bad, it's hidey-hidey-hide...

the old CCR stuff was great too.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

More bodily function blogging

I've been vicariously enjoying Acidman's vacation down to
Costa Rica, where he's been chasing women and living the
relaxed beach lifestyle for the past few days. It used to be
a dream of mine (or at least plan B) to twist off and head down
to costa rica to open Joe's tequila bar on the beach.
[twist off is an oilfield term for quiting, similar to how the
drill pipe will sometimes break or "twist off"]

Now, the A-man is posting that he spent the past couple of
days sick with montazuma's revenge. I feel for him...I travel
enough that I've had that same thing several times. I've found
the best answer is not to use immodium unless you're on an
airplane, just drink a thin soup of onions and salt...maybe it helps
if it's made by a kindly woman... and you'll soon feel better.

The immodium route just drags out the drama for a week or two.
You're going to pay the toilet now, or pay it later. It's better to get
it over with.