Saturday, March 04, 2006

More bodily function blogging

I've been vicariously enjoying Acidman's vacation down to
Costa Rica, where he's been chasing women and living the
relaxed beach lifestyle for the past few days. It used to be
a dream of mine (or at least plan B) to twist off and head down
to costa rica to open Joe's tequila bar on the beach.
[twist off is an oilfield term for quiting, similar to how the
drill pipe will sometimes break or "twist off"]

Now, the A-man is posting that he spent the past couple of
days sick with montazuma's revenge. I feel for him...I travel
enough that I've had that same thing several times. I've found
the best answer is not to use immodium unless you're on an
airplane, just drink a thin soup of onions and salt...maybe it helps
if it's made by a kindly woman... and you'll soon feel better.

The immodium route just drags out the drama for a week or two.
You're going to pay the toilet now, or pay it later. It's better to get
it over with.


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