Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So much for spring

I'm traveling today and tomorrow, making a trip to Liberal, Kansas.
Tornado country. Toto et al country. It's cold as heck here, I thought
it would be springtime with wildflowers blooming, instead the snow
covers the ground, and it's sleeting.

A very sucky trip on a two engine propeller plane. It sucks to
go somewhere that is only a few hundred miles from Houston,
and it takes longer than it does to get to Europe. Not helped
by having to turn around and return to Denver when some
warning light lit.

Oh well. The holiday inn has comedy central, so I got to see
the darthifcation of Chef. Good lesson learned, don't piss off
the writers of southpark.


Blogger Sharon said...

We used to call the little commuter planes puddle-jumpers. My, what a fond memory that recalls.

I'm sorry about the delay. Better safe than sorry though.

4:09 PM  

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