Thursday, March 09, 2006

At least it's not as bad as it was

The Scifi channel is showing the movie "The Day After",
and I've paused in my channel surfing to revisit an event
that I thought was a virtual certainty to happen when
I was younger.

In the new orleans of my youth, every couple of years
they'd cycle through scare stories about the levees
breaking, or back in the 70's and 80's they'd also cover
the Soviets attacking. There'd be map of the city, with
different range circles for different attacks...military only
or if they attack population centers. Either way, our house
seemed to be covered by the 'all dead' circle.

Of course in New Orleans there is nary a cellar or basement,
if we got hit we'd be, as they say in spanish, jodido. So better
dead then red, was a chant, but with possibly deadly outcomes.
And it seemed so certain to happen back then. Did that really

The people in Iran should watch this movie. Maybe I can buy
them a copy on Amazon and send it to them. Maybe they'd
watch it and understand the message, that in the past this country
was willing to trade everything, family, cities, life happiness
just to avoid communism. Don't they know that if we are
attacked, they'll be destroyed?

On a lighter note, steve gutenberg just made his appearance,
it's the one movie I've ever seen him in without that stupid grin
on his face.


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