Monday, June 26, 2006

Acidman is gone

Rob's daughter Sam has posted that Rob passed away this morning.
I really enjoyed his writing, he was funny and told his many stories,
anecdotes and musings in a straightforward yet colorful way that I'll
miss. Rest in Peace.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Boycott the NY times!

I've been reading the NYtimes online for awhile now, since
the time when I worked in south america in '99 and '00 and
my only other source for news was "the economist". There
has always been a slant in the Times and you have to take what
is written there with a grain of salt in the same way the newspapers in
south lousiana have to be adjusted slightly leftward to see reality,
the NYTimes can be read and gleaned for facts, while discarding
the veneer of slant.

I'm not going to do that anymore until their policy of
spilling state secrets on a daily basis ends. Every time I click there,
I'm giving them pageviews that they can use to sell advertising.
They don't deserve that, they are selling out our country to sell
papers by publishing classified information that I don't really need
to know. I want to watch the history holovision channel in 30 years
and find out the real scoop about how we defeated Islamofacism, not
hear about the great miraculous conversion from the local imam
on a hot houston friday afternoon. So fuck 'em. They are out of my

They are cowards, they won't print the mohammed cartoons because
they know the other side's response...a car bomb in their lobby.
They'll print leaked information then hide under the protection of
our freedoms. If they had printed the mohammed cartoons, then I
could believe them..."fair/balanced, yada yada, fuck you, yada, it's
our right". But instead they pick and choose their battles not based
on the principle of freedom of speech, but on their opponents. They
fire and then duck behind cover, always moving toward some political
goal while attacking the bastion of america.

Maybe they'll win, maybe they'll lose but they won't win with my
eyeballs looking at their webpage. No links, no links to posts with
links to the times. Oh yeah, "attica!, attica! attica!"
(not sure what the chant is for, but it seemed more appropriate then
'we shall overcome')

Monday, June 19, 2006

Blogging under the moose

I'm up in Anchorage this week and I'm staying at a hotel
that is chock full of animal trophies in the lobby. The big
one over the mantel is a moose that looks out on my blogging
with a dispassionate eye.

I spent the last two weeks outside Calgary, where the sun
set at 10 pm, and rose at 3 am leading to me not sleeping
more than 3 hours a night for two weeks. Then I jetted home
to houston so I could spend our anniversary with my wife,
and now I'm up in anchorage, bleary eyed under a moose.
We're almost at solistice here, so it never gets fully dark,
when we landed this morning at 2:30 the sun leered like a
bleery drunken eye similar to my own.

It's kind of a cool hotel, it's on a lake where seaplanes take off
and land every five minutes; a feature that is much cooler after
2 pm, not so cool at 7:30 am. they sometimes seem about to
crash into the window of the restaurant, the first time it happened
I nearly flung my coffee in an attempt to get away. Better
now though.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Coalition of the Coulters

Cathy over at Sunday Morning Coffee pointed out I've been
linked as part of cult supporting Ann Coulter. Since I've always
wanted to be part of a cult, this is pretty cool. Whenever they
picked cults in high school, I was always picked last and I
ended up being in what I called cults of one. sigh.

I appreciate the link, but I'm not really an Ann coulter nut,
I like her, she's quick witted and funny, and speaks the truth
without a coating of political correctness. But I've only read
her books for free in Barnes and Noble, I haven't bought one

That seems to be one problem with the left, is once you say a
position like 'I don't think George Bush is the antichrist', they
come back with "you're a dupe and/or a fool' and label you a "bushie".
I've evolved over 6 years to where I am a bushie now. If it's a
choice between being a bushie or a leftist nutjob, me llamo "Bushie".

So I say that I sort of agree with Ann Coulter, and get labeled as
part of a cult. It's ok. I got a link and now I'm part of something.
I'll wear my Bushie label and Coalition of Coulter badges with pride.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Marine Video

I just tried to find the Marine Hadji girl video on Youtube,
but it's already been taken down. I agree with Mike's take on
the subject over at Cold Fury:

This is a pretty tame little song compared to some of the rap stuff I’ve heard and they all get their panties in knots over it. Funny thing, I haven’t ever heard them get wound up over the fabulous jihadi videos - you know them, dude screaming as some other dude slices off his head, the slicer screaming Allahu Akbar as loud as he can. Nope, some marine making a tasteless (go figure - young men and marines aren’t tasteful - never would have guessed that) video and posting it. And of course this is the worst thing to ever happen.

Again - bite me. This is the most blatant and extreme double-standard existant ever. The US military has to meet a standard (created by the press so they may look as shocked as possible) that King Arthur and every knight of the Round Table, combined - including Ivanhoe and Richard the Lion-Heart - couldn’t meet, while the Islamofascists are given a standard that your average Visigoth would have considered beneath him. And our own media consider it their mission to make sure that this is known and accepted.

Marines: Never say or breathe a bad thing. If they do they most be executed.

Islamofascists: Murder women and children indiscriminately. If they do, we must reach out and understand them.

Bite me, pen-stroker, just bite me.

Again, I couldn't find the video on you-tube, but if it's anywhere
close to the theme from America, World Police then it's probably pretty
offensive. I'm sure I'll love it since I walked around humming "America, Fuck
yeah!" for weeks after seeing AWP.

Here are the lyrics, posted on Michelle Malkin's website
Read her whole story, she does a nice compare and contrast showing
how the writer of Hadji girl is being railroaded because CAIR is
driving the train.
Some better videos that I found searching around youtubewere these
by Drewlee:

Marine Music Video

Our Forces

Pretty powerful stuff.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Instructions from the dark lord

I don't normally admit to my problem, but since I saw a column
by Mary Mapes
(of CBS fame) where she said:

When our story aired on September 8, 2004, it was savaged in an unprecedented outpouring of political vitriol. The Bush administration was then at the height of its ability to summon a terrifying whirlwind of criticism from right wing bloggers, hate talk radio yackers, FOX News "reporters," conservative columnists, and those hollering people whose heads always appear in little boxes on cable discussion shows. None of these critics cared anything about the facts of the story, only about their politics.
Yes, it's true, I'm under the control of the dark lord, George
Bush. Here's a candid photo from when he appears in my
living room to summon me to my blogging duty.

You haven't lived until you've heard your own voice
amplified through your own 6 speaker surround sound,
saying "yes, my master". Since I don't work for HAL, I don't
get to do true evil though, just links mostly.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ann Coulter - tall cool chic

Jerry Pournelle links to an article from the Guardian in England
about an interview with Ann Coulter. (Every week Dr. Pournelle
has a correspondent in England that sends an email chock full
of good links.) Even though the intervierwer doesn't like her,
Ann Coulter comes across as smart and funny and it's still worth a read.

...After we've ordered our drinks, I ask Coulter whether she thinks she owes her success to a conservative following, or to liberals' need for a bogeyman.

'Oh, that's a good question,' she chuckles. 'One of my favourite liberal friends has laughed about how it's just like clockwork: they attack you, and all it does is give you publicity, and they can't help themselves - they just keep attacking. Liberals hate me because I understand them better than they understand themselves. They pretend not to get the joke.'

As the first plane went into the World Trade Centre, Coulter was in a cab on her way to LaGuardia airport. She was listening to the radio she always carried with her, before i-Pods were invented. 'At first I thought it was some shock jock joke,' she says now, 'but then everyone was pulling the same joke'. When the second plane hit, she leaned forward and told the cab driver the news. He didn't react. He was a Muslim. Coulter was instantly alarmed.

After spending all day in a bar in Queens (the bridges were shut, the subway had stopped, she couldn't get back into Manhattan) she wrote her infamous 9/11 column on her laptop, and hasn't changed her view since. Was that her position before, I wonder?

'No, I never cared about the Muslims,' she says of the people she more frequently refers to as 'ragheads'. 'It seemed like a morass - that's why so many popular jokes are based on peace in the Middle East. I thought, it's a morass, other people are dealing with it, I'll write about Clinton.'...

I tend to agree with most of what she says in her books and columns, we
as a country are too politically correct, and too willing to put up with nutso
conspiracy theories. Being a widow of a victim of 911 doesn't entitle you
to tar the president with conspiracy theories that bush knew, etc and not
have anyone such as Coulter fire back. Ann Coulter was more impolite than
I would be in public, but that is tactics not strategy. I mostly agree with
the strategy of calling a traitor a traitor or in my case a coonass a coonass.

Too much talking around problems so that we never offend any group
leads us to our current situation where it is illegal to profile based on race
sex or handicap before people get on airplanes. The reality of what
we are trying to stop is planes being turned into cruise missiles, so I'd feel
better searching all the big and tall men who might be dangerous with a
box cutter. If Granny wants to try and hijack a plane with a box cutter,
bring it on, I can take her.

Another shocking episode from Ann Coulter's career came from a column
written on september 11th:

The night the Twin Towers fell she wrote a now famous column suggesting that 'We know who the homicidal maniacs are. They are the ones cheering and dancing right now. We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity'.

Once again, tactics not strategy, I wouldn't have converted anyone
to christianity...In fact at the time, I agreed most with Jerry Pournelle
when he wrote what we should do on september 11:

For a start: we know the places where they rejoiced and danced in the streets in celebration of the falling of the towers. Those streets and all their buildings should become monuments: not one stone stands upon another. Level the rubble so that a troop of cavalry could ride across where they stood and not one horse stumble. Then sow salt on those grounds. They will be left as monuments, visible from the air, visible from space: monuments to dead Americans.

"But we did not do it! We only -- we only rejoiced that you would see what it is like."

"You chose the wrong friends. Next time make better friends. You may take what you can carry. You have five minutes, then the bulldozers will flatten this area. Get out of here. And of course if anyone is stupid enough to fire on us, the Marines are eager. Aren't you, Sergeant?"

"Sir. Yes, sir."

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Belmont Club, blogging at it's finest

In a post titled "Pedacaris alive or Raisuli dead" Wretchard
at the Belmont club lays out reality for those who would complain
about the US 'assassinating' Zarqawi, or that perhaps torture was
used to obtain the information. (go read it all, but here is a money shot)

The interesting thing about the Zarqawi case is that it allows one to examine the effect of necessity over law in an actual case. There's no need for a hypothetical like "what if you could save Europe by targeting Hitler?" or "what if you could save the lives of hundreds of children by torturing a terrorist?" In this case the hypothetical is actual. This has the effect of inverting the roles of the principles on trial. Would it be justified not to resort to unlimited measures in order to hunt down a person responsible for killing thousands of individuals? Can one ever allow a person like Zarqawi to live a single day more knowing that hundreds and perhaps thousands of innocents will die for our scruples? How many lives is a punctilious observance of the Geneva Convention worth? One, one hundred, one thousand, one million? And if a million is the price, what are our principles except for sale. The only question being the price.


In the last analysis, the preservation of a civilization's values is never free. It is possible to play by whatever rules we feel that our deepest civilizational values compel us to observe. But we must pay the price. We can, like the early Christians choose to face the lions rather than renounce our beliefs. But no one should have any illusions about the lions; and those Christians were virtuous precisely because they had no illusions about the lions. Our willingness to fight by the strictest legal standards must be matched by a corresponding willingness to sacrifice in order to uphold those standards. It may be necessary to bleed and to bleed at home to uphold our beliefs. Or change them. Talk Left merely poses the dilemma. But the choice is ours. The tragedy of the West is that it is simultaneously impatient for safety; intolerant of hardship and unable to bear guilt. The demand for no body bags; no protracted war; no inconvenience; no painstaking effort also means, in it's own way, a secret demand for no law.

I had to google for the reference in the title, it's an incident where
an American named Pedicaris was kiddnapped in North Africa by
El Raisuli, and Teddy Roosevelt sent a telegram to the Sheik in Morocco
demanding that the Sheik obtain the hostage's release, or kill the
kidnapper. TR emphasized the point by sending a big chunk of the
navy, but he certainly didn't say "don't hurt anyone or torture anyone
to obey my instructions, just git her done".

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hi ho the witch is dead (or is it Ding Dong?)

It's probably a sin to celabrate over the death of anyone, even
your enemy, but screw it, yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!

General Casey said an American air strike had targeted "a single dwelling in a wooded area surrounded by very dense palm forest" eight kilometers, or five miles, north of the city of Baquba, and that "precision munitions" had been used, a phrase that usually refers to laser-guided bombs or missiles. An unconfirmed report on Iraq's state-owned television channel, al-Iraqiya, said the attack had been carried out by American attack helicopters.

Mr. Zebari said the American military had been following Zarqawi "very closely" in recent weeks. He said Zarqawi had been vulnerable ever since he had lost his refuge in Anbar province, which is largely in the hands of Sunni insurgents. "He had been forced out of Anbar" after Sunnis there "joined hands with their Iraqi brothers," Mr. Zebari said.

Fuller details of the raid were expected to be given at an American military briefing at 4 p.m. local time, 8 a.m. Eastern time.

Much better than capturing him, we don't have to watch his trial
for the next 4 years.


Texas Rainmaker
shows this much better:

Or commenter Sean on Cold Fury

I pose the same question I asked Al this morning.

Should we all go outside a ululate and pump our fists in the air now?

Anyone got a video cam handy? We can send the tape to al-Jazeera

(I'm in canada, I doubt it's acceptable for me to ullulate at the
holiday inn)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

'The Story' from Canada

A story on CTV shows that it is much more difficult to
cross from Canada to the US, the CTV reporter was stopped
at the border, and the crew's id's were seized. The problem
was all their equipment that was previously allowed through,
now it's not allowed in with the same forms.

Hurray for bureaucracy!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Canada almost gets attacked, the press here fiddles

I'm watching the local news here in Calgary, something you couldn't
make me do at home, and they seem to think the near terrorist
attack isn't that serious. They are covering it nonstop for a good
chunk of the 1/2 hour show, but more like observers from another planet
instead of covering a near-miss. Chuckling at how the international
press is so interested in their peaceful country. A lot of interviews
with "this is canada, not Guantamano bay, these boys have rights"
[paraphrase] demanding that the suspects be allowed to pray together.
'Or we don't need more security here in parliament, I feel perfectly

It looks to me like the canadians were very lucky. The alleged terrorists
were stopped buying the ammonium nitrate and they wanted a ton,
which is the same size as the OKC bomb. Traffic can still approach
parliament, to the point that a hijacked bus rolled onto parliaments
front lawn last year.

They could have detonated a truck bomb, then rolled in with a second
car and cut the head off the prime minister as they apparently planned.
I think our northern neighbors are still living in the land of september 10th.
I hope nothing else happens here.

Slander echos on

The London Times might have retracted their photo
with it's slanderous implication that Marines murdered
the Iraqis in the photo, but their attack is beginning to
bear fruit. That photo is beginning to be picked up by
the press as representative of what happened in Haditha,
the same way Abu Graib is shown as the one guy on
a box with fake electrodes, instead of the 10's of thousands
murdered by Saddam Hussein. Now Haditha is this:

Which is really ironic, because this is a scene of murder
by insurgents.

The press never gets the story right. Abu Graib was a
place where Saddam murdered by the truckload, but the
story the press covered is where a few idiots without adult
supervision did things to the prisoners that people in houston
pay money for.

Now fast forward to today, the insurgents kill every day
dozens of people, and a photo that should represent this tragedy
is used to tar the Marines before they get their day in court.

Who are these reporters, cartoonists and editors? Don't they
know we can lose? They have half-assed educations that skipped
to the end of world war II, to where the evil racist US dropped a
nuke on Japan when we knew we would win all along. The reality
is that we could have lost that war, except for luck and stupidity
on the part of our enemies. Luck is not a method.

I'm watching the history channel as they show reenactments of
D-day, and if Hitler and Rommel had been slightly more on the
ball, the beaches could have been swept clear of Americans,
British and Canadians by German Panzers. It was misdirection
and a large dose of luck that kept that from being a bloodbath.
Then who knows what might have happened.

History is being written now and in 60 years victory may look
like it was easy and cheap. Only 3000 civilians in New York and
3000 soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan might turn the middle east
onto the course of democracy that might lead to an end of Islamic
extremism, or something else might tilt the other way and President
Clinton will wake up in 2009 and face the prospect of withdrawing
the bloody tatters of an american army through Jordan, followed
by victorious green banners of Islam sweeping away the west and
western thought.

I don't think that will happen (touch wood), but the idiots in the press
should think twice before slandering the people that keep the knife
from their throat.

[Michelle Malkin writes about this much better on her site, but I appreciate
the visits. I'm from New Orleans, so I've got a couple of good posts
from when I watched Katrina land, and from the election in 2004, so
feel free to take a look around.]

Monday, June 05, 2006

Livebloggin Deal or no deal

I'm out of class and back in the hotel room and I'm live blogging
deal or no deal. I like the show normally, especially on Tivo, but
tonight they're giving away up to 5 million dollars. There's 10
spots left on the board, and celine dion is floating like an animated
head from futurama on a video screen next to the contestant's
family members.

It's all luck, the only skill is to stop playing but since most people
are degenerate gamblers and will keep playing until they lose
all, most people won't win the maximum. Unless you're willing
to go to the mat and the last case, the most you can win is half
of the max. It's a lot like most decisions in life where you really
can't know the real economics and how much you can save or
earn, like buying a car or selling a house, just more randomized
and with hotter women.

[A frequent commercial break includes a calgary news story that half
of the terrorists arrested last week were trained locally in canada,
the camera panned slowly across a chunk of forest where there is
a "terror camp".]

Ooooh. 8 cases left including $750 and $5M. The offer should be
$320k...let's see what the banker says:....right after another commercial,
which is why I like this show at home on the DVR. $175k...seems low.
I'm probably the only person in canada watching this, the adjacent
rooms rattle with Hockey fans watching the stanley cup.

...ouch...she hit the $5M....owy. Better luck next year.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Travel bloggin'

I just arrived in Calgary for a training seminar after
a four hour flight in a middle seat, with an extra hour tacked on
due to smoke emanating from a landing gear wheel. I felt like
Bill Cosby's comedic dental patient;" 'moke? 'ere's 'moke unda da
plane?" But not panicking because I can see the gate, and the law
says you can't burn up in a plane if you can see the gate.

But, instead of driving the last 300 yards to the gate the pilot
stopped to wait for the fire trucks, who burst out of the fire station
like this was the first excitement in months, which it probably was.

Our super informative pilot then told us that the fire department
didn't want to spray the wheel, they wanted to bring out a fan to
cool it. Another 15 hot minutes while they dragged out a 1/4 mile
extension chord. or maybe just setup the fan or something.

They then detected a fluid leaking out of the landing gear, so the pilot
shut down the engines and the air conditioning, and called for a tug
to drag us to the gate. Each. Step. Was. Announced. By. The. Pilot.
But not in a good way to keep us informed, in a bad way to indicate
that this was our captain's first experience with something unusual
happening, in a sort of a "I see the top of the baby's head" kind of voice.

Well anyway, I'm here in calgary for a few days, sunset is around 10pm
local time, so I got a brief glimpse of the looks like western kansas.
Rolling hills, with the city perched in a big bowl, the expectation of mountains
in the west.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's gonna end bad

When my brother and I would fight as children, my mother
would admonish us with "it's gonna end bad", about 15 seconds
before it ended badly, with me running off crying because my
brother is 6 years older than me and he'd regularly beat my ass.
(except the time that I broke his arm with a chair. Sorry, bro)

I thougt of this today because Michele Malkin was kind enough to
link to me for the story below pointing out that the times of london
was using a picture for the Haditha story from a set of photos
where insurgents had killed several dozen Iraqis. I thought it was
fairly straight forward illustration of the slanted press, eg. you'd
never see a non-conservative newspaper 'accidentally' printing
a picture of happy iraqis. But whatever.

I'm worried that it is going to end bad because it is now almost
impossible to have a civil discourse about anything in this country.
I point out an obvious to me case of slanted press, and several
people make comments that to me sound like they're nuts. Bush
comes up in a discussion at work, and people that I think are competent
professionals say things that make my hair stand on end.
(ie, bush was behind 911, it's the jooos, it's all about oil)

It appears that the only way to convince the left that there is a risk
of losing to the islamofacists is for us to lose.

Not an experiment I want to see run, but it seems more likely every

Haditha slant in the press

There's not much actual information out in the press about what
really happened in Haditha, but most of what has come out is
highly slanted against the marines. The only data point I've seen
is an interview with the lance corporal who survived the initial
IED explosion. Here's a summary of the interview here: (RHCP)
(video here)
Again, here's a summary of the salient facts that Crossan related:

1) The Marines knew there was going to be an attack on the command outpost, which would explain the high degree of suspicion about the Iraqi's in a taxi that first refused to stop, then ran away from them.
2) There was an IED attack on his humvee, and a squad was sent in
3) Insurgents began firing on the Marines almost immediately.
4) He's not claiming to have witnessed anything.
The first slant that has already been pointed out in several places (hotair),
is in the times online from london, where they grabbed one quote from
Corporal Crossan, “were blinded by hate” and lost control before the massacre.
They've taken a one sentence quote and created an article around it, when that
wasn't the sense of the interview at all.

Much worse to me, is the accomanying photo with the times story. It shows
bound and blindfolded people shot dead against a wall with the caption:
"Victims in al-Haditha. The US is carrying out two inquiries (AP)"

I was shocked that there were photos of victims killed by marines,
bound and blindfolded, these guys must be guilty I thought and there
must be more photog
raphic evidence. With a heavy heart I searched
google images for 'haditha', expecting to
find the entire massacre photo'd
from every angle. Instead I found the
same photo in this article
in newsweek, with the caption:
Insurgents in Haditha executed
19 Shiite fishermen and National
Guardsmen in a sports stadium"

I think this goes beyond a slant,
this is slander. The times posted
a photo that shows "haditha victims"
in a story about marines killing
people in haditha, when they know
they stole the photo from an earlier
story about insurgents killing shiites
in Haditha.

I don't know what really happened to the marines in Haditha,
but I tend to believe their version more than the other side's
version and I'm willing to wait for the court martial for the
facts to come out before passing judgement.