Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Instructions from the dark lord

I don't normally admit to my problem, but since I saw a column
by Mary Mapes
(of CBS fame) where she said:

When our story aired on September 8, 2004, it was savaged in an unprecedented outpouring of political vitriol. The Bush administration was then at the height of its ability to summon a terrifying whirlwind of criticism from right wing bloggers, hate talk radio yackers, FOX News "reporters," conservative columnists, and those hollering people whose heads always appear in little boxes on cable discussion shows. None of these critics cared anything about the facts of the story, only about their politics.
Yes, it's true, I'm under the control of the dark lord, George
Bush. Here's a candid photo from when he appears in my
living room to summon me to my blogging duty.

You haven't lived until you've heard your own voice
amplified through your own 6 speaker surround sound,
saying "yes, my master". Since I don't work for HAL, I don't
get to do true evil though, just links mostly.


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