Monday, June 19, 2006

Blogging under the moose

I'm up in Anchorage this week and I'm staying at a hotel
that is chock full of animal trophies in the lobby. The big
one over the mantel is a moose that looks out on my blogging
with a dispassionate eye.

I spent the last two weeks outside Calgary, where the sun
set at 10 pm, and rose at 3 am leading to me not sleeping
more than 3 hours a night for two weeks. Then I jetted home
to houston so I could spend our anniversary with my wife,
and now I'm up in anchorage, bleary eyed under a moose.
We're almost at solistice here, so it never gets fully dark,
when we landed this morning at 2:30 the sun leered like a
bleery drunken eye similar to my own.

It's kind of a cool hotel, it's on a lake where seaplanes take off
and land every five minutes; a feature that is much cooler after
2 pm, not so cool at 7:30 am. they sometimes seem about to
crash into the window of the restaurant, the first time it happened
I nearly flung my coffee in an attempt to get away. Better
now though.


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