Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's gonna end bad

When my brother and I would fight as children, my mother
would admonish us with "it's gonna end bad", about 15 seconds
before it ended badly, with me running off crying because my
brother is 6 years older than me and he'd regularly beat my ass.
(except the time that I broke his arm with a chair. Sorry, bro)

I thougt of this today because Michele Malkin was kind enough to
link to me for the story below pointing out that the times of london
was using a picture for the Haditha story from a set of photos
where insurgents had killed several dozen Iraqis. I thought it was
fairly straight forward illustration of the slanted press, eg. you'd
never see a non-conservative newspaper 'accidentally' printing
a picture of happy iraqis. But whatever.

I'm worried that it is going to end bad because it is now almost
impossible to have a civil discourse about anything in this country.
I point out an obvious to me case of slanted press, and several
people make comments that to me sound like they're nuts. Bush
comes up in a discussion at work, and people that I think are competent
professionals say things that make my hair stand on end.
(ie, bush was behind 911, it's the jooos, it's all about oil)

It appears that the only way to convince the left that there is a risk
of losing to the islamofacists is for us to lose.

Not an experiment I want to see run, but it seems more likely every


Anonymous Jon said...

It won't end badly. It has reached the point were there is not anything to report so the conjecture is the main news. The result will be more attempts to subvert what is true, but they will be exposed.

Unlike the past, the information available to allow individuals to make logical judgements is better than ever. Walter Cronkite has been exposed for what he is and the major news outlets are losing money and readers at a staggering pace. The reign of the three major networks and the major "news" magazines is over.

I have faith in the American public...the real public. They work, produce and contribute to society in good ways. They aren't represented by polls, since they don't have time for telemarketers/pollsters and fear mongering. They vote and demand accountability from their representatives.

2:32 PM  

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