Monday, June 05, 2006

Livebloggin Deal or no deal

I'm out of class and back in the hotel room and I'm live blogging
deal or no deal. I like the show normally, especially on Tivo, but
tonight they're giving away up to 5 million dollars. There's 10
spots left on the board, and celine dion is floating like an animated
head from futurama on a video screen next to the contestant's
family members.

It's all luck, the only skill is to stop playing but since most people
are degenerate gamblers and will keep playing until they lose
all, most people won't win the maximum. Unless you're willing
to go to the mat and the last case, the most you can win is half
of the max. It's a lot like most decisions in life where you really
can't know the real economics and how much you can save or
earn, like buying a car or selling a house, just more randomized
and with hotter women.

[A frequent commercial break includes a calgary news story that half
of the terrorists arrested last week were trained locally in canada,
the camera panned slowly across a chunk of forest where there is
a "terror camp".]

Ooooh. 8 cases left including $750 and $5M. The offer should be
$320k...let's see what the banker says:....right after another commercial,
which is why I like this show at home on the DVR. $175k...seems low.
I'm probably the only person in canada watching this, the adjacent
rooms rattle with Hockey fans watching the stanley cup.

...ouch...she hit the $5M....owy. Better luck next year.


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