Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Canada almost gets attacked, the press here fiddles

I'm watching the local news here in Calgary, something you couldn't
make me do at home, and they seem to think the near terrorist
attack isn't that serious. They are covering it nonstop for a good
chunk of the 1/2 hour show, but more like observers from another planet
instead of covering a near-miss. Chuckling at how the international
press is so interested in their peaceful country. A lot of interviews
with "this is canada, not Guantamano bay, these boys have rights"
[paraphrase] demanding that the suspects be allowed to pray together.
'Or we don't need more security here in parliament, I feel perfectly

It looks to me like the canadians were very lucky. The alleged terrorists
were stopped buying the ammonium nitrate and they wanted a ton,
which is the same size as the OKC bomb. Traffic can still approach
parliament, to the point that a hijacked bus rolled onto parliaments
front lawn last year.

They could have detonated a truck bomb, then rolled in with a second
car and cut the head off the prime minister as they apparently planned.
I think our northern neighbors are still living in the land of september 10th.
I hope nothing else happens here.


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