Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Slander echos on

The London Times might have retracted their photo
with it's slanderous implication that Marines murdered
the Iraqis in the photo, but their attack is beginning to
bear fruit. That photo is beginning to be picked up by
the press as representative of what happened in Haditha,
the same way Abu Graib is shown as the one guy on
a box with fake electrodes, instead of the 10's of thousands
murdered by Saddam Hussein. Now Haditha is this:

Which is really ironic, because this is a scene of murder
by insurgents.

The press never gets the story right. Abu Graib was a
place where Saddam murdered by the truckload, but the
story the press covered is where a few idiots without adult
supervision did things to the prisoners that people in houston
pay money for.

Now fast forward to today, the insurgents kill every day
dozens of people, and a photo that should represent this tragedy
is used to tar the Marines before they get their day in court.

Who are these reporters, cartoonists and editors? Don't they
know we can lose? They have half-assed educations that skipped
to the end of world war II, to where the evil racist US dropped a
nuke on Japan when we knew we would win all along. The reality
is that we could have lost that war, except for luck and stupidity
on the part of our enemies. Luck is not a method.

I'm watching the history channel as they show reenactments of
D-day, and if Hitler and Rommel had been slightly more on the
ball, the beaches could have been swept clear of Americans,
British and Canadians by German Panzers. It was misdirection
and a large dose of luck that kept that from being a bloodbath.
Then who knows what might have happened.

History is being written now and in 60 years victory may look
like it was easy and cheap. Only 3000 civilians in New York and
3000 soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan might turn the middle east
onto the course of democracy that might lead to an end of Islamic
extremism, or something else might tilt the other way and President
Clinton will wake up in 2009 and face the prospect of withdrawing
the bloody tatters of an american army through Jordan, followed
by victorious green banners of Islam sweeping away the west and
western thought.

I don't think that will happen (touch wood), but the idiots in the press
should think twice before slandering the people that keep the knife
from their throat.

[Michelle Malkin writes about this much better on her site, but I appreciate
the visits. I'm from New Orleans, so I've got a couple of good posts
from when I watched Katrina land, and from the election in 2004, so
feel free to take a look around.]


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