Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Marine Video

I just tried to find the Marine Hadji girl video on Youtube,
but it's already been taken down. I agree with Mike's take on
the subject over at Cold Fury:

This is a pretty tame little song compared to some of the rap stuff I’ve heard and they all get their panties in knots over it. Funny thing, I haven’t ever heard them get wound up over the fabulous jihadi videos - you know them, dude screaming as some other dude slices off his head, the slicer screaming Allahu Akbar as loud as he can. Nope, some marine making a tasteless (go figure - young men and marines aren’t tasteful - never would have guessed that) video and posting it. And of course this is the worst thing to ever happen.

Again - bite me. This is the most blatant and extreme double-standard existant ever. The US military has to meet a standard (created by the press so they may look as shocked as possible) that King Arthur and every knight of the Round Table, combined - including Ivanhoe and Richard the Lion-Heart - couldn’t meet, while the Islamofascists are given a standard that your average Visigoth would have considered beneath him. And our own media consider it their mission to make sure that this is known and accepted.

Marines: Never say or breathe a bad thing. If they do they most be executed.

Islamofascists: Murder women and children indiscriminately. If they do, we must reach out and understand them.

Bite me, pen-stroker, just bite me.

Again, I couldn't find the video on you-tube, but if it's anywhere
close to the theme from America, World Police then it's probably pretty
offensive. I'm sure I'll love it since I walked around humming "America, Fuck
yeah!" for weeks after seeing AWP.

Here are the lyrics, posted on Michelle Malkin's website
Read her whole story, she does a nice compare and contrast showing
how the writer of Hadji girl is being railroaded because CAIR is
driving the train.
Some better videos that I found searching around youtubewere these
by Drewlee:

Marine Music Video

Our Forces

Pretty powerful stuff.


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