Thursday, March 09, 2006

Help, help, I'm being oppressed!

Dennis the Peasant has a hilarious post, or at least hilarious
in a sad, true to life way, on blogging for money. Since
I've made some similar missteps that pissed away buckets of
hard earned money, maybe I should continue my same methods
and try blogging for cash.

I missed the 80's, since I was still in school and had no money
to piss away. But the 90's I pissed away enough money, especially
at the end of the decade on etrade...I was gambling so much there
(I mean investing) that they should have at least given me free
drinks. Or as the peasant says:

Now this time it might have all worked... except for that one last bit of bad luck.

Things started out so well, after all. You took a large position in Hogs O’Million (a small pork rind factory in Grapevine, Texas) at $5.25 a share and then watched the stock soar to $100.50 on the basis of some hot news from a couple of internet stock picking sites. You have paper profits out the wazoo, and decide to celebrate your new-found wealth appropriately – a pair of matching BMW 5-series sedans for you and the Missus. Well, wouldn’t you know it: While your signing the papers at the dealership, the story that the ‘hot news’ that had spurred all the buying turned out to be coming from a 13 year-old prankster in Lompoc. By the time you got home, you had $75,000 worth of car loans and a stock that’s worth $0.05 per share.

I did basically the same thing. I bought a company called
eConnect that was rated a "strong buy", then I went to work
on a rig in colombia where I was able to watch as the stock tripled
on a made up story, but by the time I made it back to a place
with an internet connection, the stock was frozen
by the SEC at about 5% what I paid for it.

So maybe this blogging for money is for me.
Of course to keep income constant, I'll have charge slightly
higher than normal rates, lets see, 150000 readers at $.10/reader
gives $15k. so at my current readership rates, I need bill gates
to surf his ass over to my blog and give me some cash.

Or I can just by the Peasant's course for a low fee, and I'm sure
success will follow. That will be right after someone from Etrade
shows up with my free drinks


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