Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ejecting from a cardboard submarine

Bill Whittle is amazing, just when it seems he's abandoned us
to our fate without comment, he pops back up with an essay
that expresses a lot of things that I wish I could say but don't
have the words for.

He mentions the story of the cardboard submarine that you could buy from
the back of a comic book, this made me chortle because if I made
a list of all the things that I've wanted in my life, from my first
PC to a desire for a Jaguar XJS, probably 20% would be things
that I dreamed of buying from the back of a comic book. X-ray
glasses, or the 400 piece set of army men for only $2.99! But
as Mr Whittle so ably points out, just wishing for plastic crap
from the back of a comic does not a nuclear sub make.

Just visualizing whirled peas does not make for a safer world when
there are people with long knives who wish to see the infidel dead
and their women in burkas. Go read the essay, he blasts holes
in so many stupid ideas that it's too hard to figure out which one
to plagarize. It's the kind of good writing that makes me feel
slightly ashamed that I've left the USA at a time of need. Or maybe
there is no need, if I visualize world peace Los Farc will stay happily
in their mountain hidouts, and they'll dance tralala with their islamofacist
friends. ( maybe they won't and a car bomb will go off a couple of
blocks from here, doh! already happened.)


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