Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Vive El Sapo

Jeremy over at Who Knew? has created the Che-lectro™ Plasma Generator.
This can be used to turn any photo into an icon of the left, in
the same way that Che Guevara's sainted visage looms out at us
from all the humus encrusted t-shirts worn by the 'progressive'
students at any University or community college in world.
("Dude, I'm getting my 2 year degree in electronics so I can help free
the masses from their bourgois hellholes. Pass the soldering iron")

My best Chelectrolized photo is of a native member of the "Green"
party. He was dating a facist pig, but now is leading the fight to free
the working class. Here is Kermit Guevara:



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