Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I want to be free too

I was reading IMAO for the normal strange humor that
they write, when they pointed to a new blog called
"I want to be Free" where the author discusses with fear
and trepidation quiting her job to pursue a freelance
career so that she will have time to write. I wish her much
success, her writing is good enough to inspire a drunken
haiku (are there any others? -editor). go read it.

Wow. Pretty impressive. There are definite times when
I can't go to the office for fear of saying 'fuck you I quit'.
Just accidental like, as the words slip out, I'm suddenly free,
unemployed, broke, divorced, unhappy, with no purpose in
life &etc.

I think I'll just keep my nose to the grindstone, and when the
urge to scream 'fuck you I quit' becomes too strong, I'll just slap
my hand over my mouth and keep my hand down like a character
from Dr. Strangelove, (no sieg heil here) then escape across the
street to Big Johns Bar. Sit there, drink bud lite and be amazed
by people with the courage to escape.


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