Saturday, May 28, 2005

100 words

I've been watching Lawrence at Is full of crap participating
in the 100 words or Les nessman competition, so I posted
my own 100 word story to their contest today in their comments
section (ya gotta go look at the picture there):

As the air temperature dropped, the hairs on his forearm
stood up. The course flannel of his uniform was scant protection
from the chill of the downdraft, but it was all the protection he’d
get on this assignment.

He struggled to get the rapidly forming tornado in the frame of his
camera, but it was difficult since the descending vortex was
coming straight down at him. His camera and netpod were ripped
from his grasp, pajamas torn from his body as his limp form spiraled
upward into the worsening storm. Pajamamedia weather services’
first death in the line of duty.

[yeah, well kinda sucky, but exactly 100 words isn't too easy]


Blogger Laurence said...

Half of mine have sucked.

The other half have sucked worse.

8:07 PM  

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