Monday, May 23, 2005

Steel Beach blogging

I'm offshore this week, working atop the world's tallest
freestanding structure
, enjoying what might be called Spartan
living conditions, except that a spartan would probably stab
someone with a spear if forced to sleep in bunks three high.


Luckily, offshore I'm away from the news so I can't be too pissed
off about Newsweek printing lies and traitorous trash. I feel good
about the fact that I've hated Newsweek for a long time, since
as a teenager I sent in a card for 4 free issues of Newsweek.
When I tried to cancel the subscription I got a bill instead.
I ended up paying for a subscription that I didn't want and I decided
then, more than 20 years ago that I would never pay money
for an issue of Newsweek again. Bastards. I hope they go down in

Since I'm offshore I haven't been able to see Star Wars yet. I'll be
the last geek on the planet to see how Vader gets made... oh well,
it'll be there next week.


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