Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ticking away the moments that make up the dull day...

Kelly over at suburban blight has a question: Is it better to
work at a job you don't like for more money, or work at a job
you love for less money ($10-15k less)?

I think that if there is something that you know you love, and
people are willing to pay you money (not just beer) to do it,
then you should do it. To me, the hard part is finding some
vocation that you love and are good at that will actually pay
the bills. (apparently sitting and drinking in strip joints
doesn’t count as a vocation)

On the other hand, if it is a choice between a job you like and
a job you don’t really like too much that has a short commute
and pays more, then you have to go with the more money plus
more time at home, not in traffic. The difference isn’t the money,
it’s the like versus the love. All jobs are slightly unpleasant in
some way, that’s why they’re called jobs, not fun.

On the gripping hand, I would never suggest anyone do a job
they hate for more money. As someone who has done this, it
will suck your life and youth away before you know it. Once
your theme song changes from Old Man by Neil Young to Time
by Pink Floyd, you know just pissed away your youth.

Of course, things worked out for the best. If I didn't work offshore
I would have never gone to south america and met my wife. So all's
well that ends well.


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