Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Japanese Lunch

I’m over in New Orleans for work and I was bs’ing
with a client and the discussion turned to blogs and the
war on islamofacism. We were discussing blogs that we
both read, especially LGF and The Belmot Club, when he
made point worthy of Wretchard at the BC.

My client suggested that it would be a good thing if the Japanese would invite the Iranians to a very exclusive lunch. There the Japanese could explain from their past history that if the Iranians actually acquire nuclear weapons, the most likely outcome is that the Iranians will end up as mostly radioactive dust, or as my momma would say: “it’s gonna end bad”.

The Japanese have the perspective of someone who tried to take the US to the limit and got nuked for their trouble. In the end the US has suffered some guilt and shame for nuking the Japanese, but most Americans and certainly our current president would make the same decision again. 200,000 of the enemy dead instead of possibly 1,000,000 US soldiers dead is a trade we’ll make every time.

The same decision-making applies to the Iranian situation as well. As soon it is believed that Iran has successfully built a bomb, Iran will be elevated from a troublesome country whose government doesn’t like us to a nuclear target.

As Wretchard has pointed out several times, the calculus of nuclear war can be worked out. Once a nuke goes off, the cold logic of nuclear war that was worked out over 50 years during the cold war will take over.

There will be shame and guilt on our part, and some protests at the World War III museum when the Iranian exhibit opens up to show what the Iranian nation looked like in the past when it existed. But we’ll still be here and they won’t.

Our Japanese friend can explain all this, then take a sip of wine and say to the Iranian “You look a little pale, like a ghost walked across your grave. Try the wine, you’ll feel better”.


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