Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's a small world after all

When I was in england last month I stopped off in london
to do the tourist stuff, and I got a couple of pictures at
the Horseguards parade. The picture that I'm in (not shown
here), I tried to take next to the horse without petting the
horse like everyone else was doing. I ended up with a picture
of me and the horse turning to look at me and saying "what's
up with the non-petting" like a giant dog. A giant dog with
a soldier holding a sword on its back.


Strangely enough, I noticed over at vodkapundit that he has
pictures of the same guard on post from his visit to london.
(looks like it anyway)

Anyway, here's another picture that I liked, I took it on the
Victory, looking aft from the front of the ship:


The ship is in Portsmouth, where I spent a whole day. I think it would
have been better to take a tour from London, I saw one tour advertised
for Portsmouth, Stonehenge and the south which was about as much as
my train fare from Newark to Portsmouth. Oh well.


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