Friday, July 28, 2006

Short trippin'

I had to zoom up to canada for the last couple of days, yet another
fools errand and a lot of travel for about 16 hours worth of work.
I should have said "that's really not my job to go to the rig" and stayed
home, but the manager there asked me, and I could hear in his voice
that he was on the verge of mentioning that the last time I went there
he paid for my wife to go too. So I went.

8 hours flying to edmonton, 3 hours lost in a hotshot, the driver couldn't
find the rig, 3 hours working then 4 hours sleep on a bed with no sheets
blankets or pillows (when did I become such a pussy?). 12 hours more
work to finish drilling, wait one hour for a car, 2 hours to edmonton...
no room at the inn by the airport, so we rode into edmonton. 3 hours
sleep, then taxi to the airport in time to be two hours early. Whenever
I'm two hours early I'm sure to check in, breeze through customs, immigration
and security in about 4 minutes. (US immigration is in Canada, strange)
Wait 1 hour 56 minutes drinking coffee and eating the worst muffin in the
western hemispere, then 8 hours back to houston, losing another hour to
time travel.

So in 48 hours I spent 16 hours on planes, 6 in cars, 7 sleeping, 15 working.
I got home and slept on the sofa then moved to the bed and made up most
of the lost sleep. I neglected to brush my teeth though during the migration
so I woke up with a taste like a bear's ass in my mouth.

Bleh. I hate my job.

I did get treated to a canadian coworker espousing his views on the middle east:
It's all due to the US support for Israel and Israel surpressing the palestinians.
I didn't feel up to debating, I just asked him if it is his suggested policy that the
Israelis should cut their own throats or not, then suggested we talk
about sports instead.

I used to like to debate, but views with such strongly held stupidity aren't really
debatable. I'd like to think that we are talking map versus coastline, but it is
probably more like religion and we won't find out reality until we are all dead.


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