Saturday, July 01, 2006


We went to the movies the other night to see the movie
'the breakup', but since the ever wonderful katy mills theater
had a technical hiccup and canceled the movie, we switched
over to see the movie *click with Adam Sandler.

I thought it would be a typical funny but stupid Sandler movie,
and from my wife's expression she thought it would be a stupid
but not funny movie. It turned out to be the best movie I've
seen in a while, and had me surreptitiously wiping away tears,
since I saw so much of my life in the movie. Life, Death and
wasting time as we fast forward through life on autopilot.

How many days have I spent offshore just trying to get time to
pass so i could get back home and drink, then go back offshore
to earn the money to pay for drinking. (1991 - 1999 pretty much
passed in an alchohol/offshore haze.) I often feel like a hippie
stereotype...what happened in 1995?...heh, hum, he her hum.
Since the millenium and I got married things are much better,
but still time is constantly wasted as I travel and work. Or just
zone out watching tv or playing a video game.

I'd say go see that movie, it's got the typical Adam Sandler funny
stuff, plus it's a really good movie. Another good thing to do is not
work in a job that involves going offshore, or working exhorbitant
amounts of time , even if you make a lot of money. Some people can
save money and that's great, but the great majority spend what they
make and end up in a 15 year ride in the offshore time machine...
unfortunately it doesn't work in reverse.

Well, things are looking up now, I'm back in Calgary and my wife
is flying up this morning so we can enjoy lovely alberta for a couple
of days. Carpe diem is my motto now, which is latin for seize the
airline ticket even if it's expensive, time is short.


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