Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lost Blackbird July 30th 1966

I was looking at google smashups linked from the High-tech
Texan website
, and one of the most interesting is the google
map showing locations of all the SR-71 blackbirds with links
to all the current photos, including summaries of all the
SR-71 crashes.

The crash that happened on July 30th 1966:

M-21 tail number 06941 was destroyed 30 Jul 1966 when the D-21 drone it was launching bounced off the inside of the mothership's shockwave and struck 941 near the wing root. Lockheed test pilot Bill Park and Launch Control Officer Ray Torick ejected safely over the Pacific, but Torick drowned when his flight suit took on water.

Sad to see such dry text to describe the death of someone who died
doing their duty for their country.


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