Friday, July 07, 2006

Calgary Stampede!

It's stampede week here in calgary, which means two things, that my hotel
has been trying to kick me out and it's parade day. My reservation was
only through wednesday since I was only supposed to be here a couple of
days. A new trick I learned for extending a hotel stay when the entire city
is full, keep asking at the desk and ask a different person every time.
Someone finally said yes and let me stay. Yee hah, the joys of overbooking.

Oh yeah, and I just watched most of the parade through downtown calgary.
It's hard for me to go to a parade, I'm from new orleans and I've probably
seen around 200 parades, but here everyone is shouting ya-hoo, and I have
to resist the urge to shout "show your tits!". Apparently calgary is very
family oriented and would not appreciate the humor. (the horrors of
a canadian jail are to be avoided at all costs)

Anyway, my favorite parts of the parade this morning were the flyovers
by the canadian aerobatic team (the snowbirds?), pretty cool, but get some
real planes, eh. And the punjabi pride float, with the driver's head sticking out
front of the float, with turban leading the way.

Fire alarm! keep blogging or run away?


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