Saturday, July 08, 2006

Protein wisdom

Jeff over at protein wisdom is dueling with a troll who has
insulted and threatened his child who claims to be a professor
at a western university. I'd say Jeff needs our support, but
he doesn't need much help. With his razor sharp wit he's already
cutting down this troll like she brought a knife to a gun fight.

Best jibe so far: "When I’m done with you, Deb, you’re going to
be an internet verb.".

His site is down now due to a ddos attack, which is ironic; trolls
are using zombie computers to attack.


well, the verb is Frisch, apparently it really was Deborah Frisch at
the university of Arizona. To be Frisched will be to be hounded
from polite society, at least on the web.

I have no problem with profanity and insults in comments, but
her comments against Jeff Goldstein's son were disgusting and
specific. I think blogging should be like the mafia, leave the family
out of it. Since Frisch broke that code, she should be shunned by


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