Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Which way you gonna run?

I'm watching the weather channel and trying to figure
out which way to run. We live about a mile from I-10
on the far west side of houston so I had been planning
on the easy escape, I-10 to San Antonio,
then the flight across the desert, west or northwest.
Now in order to get out of the power outage area we'll
have to go very far west or north. it looks easier to
brave the traffic cutting across houston and head back
to lafayette. At least the number of friends/family is
increasing in that direction, but if the storm changes
it's mind and goes to SW LA then we'll have to keep
running. Into an area without gas or much infrastructure.

hmmm. 'tis a puzzlement, but I'm being helped by my public
declaration of never again after the last storm, so the question
is not whether, but where.


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