Monday, September 19, 2005

Storm Tossed Seas

I spent the day today flying from Barbados to Houston and
on the Miami leg we flew through the outer edges of Rita.
I took a picture from the cabin window where I could see the
whitecaps tossing on the surface. To see whitecaps from 25000
feet, it must have been pretty rough down there.
(I can't find the usb cable for the camera, doh!)

The airport in Miami was packed as south florida drained of
tourists, and the TSA people there didn't even pretend to
speak english. Was Cuba evacuating too?

On the radio here in Houston they are talking about evacuating
from galveston as the over-reaction to Katrina sets in. People
will evacuate, the storm will go to mexico, then next time they
won't evacuate thus completing the storm cycle: Fear-overreaction

Our house seems well built, and we're on pretty high ground
(for coastal texas) but we're still going to haul ass. Just not
until the cone of uncertainty is less than 1000 miles.
My cycle is more like: watchful waiting, shit in one basket, dog
in car, haul ass. repeat as necessary.


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