Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 11th

Winds of Change has the best links to 9/11 stories
and it's aftermath, including the story of Rick

Lyrics of Men of Harlech from Porphyrogenitus:
      Men of Harlech stop your dreaming
      Can't you see their spear points gleaming
      See their warrior's pennants streaming
      To this battle field

      Men of Harlech stand ye steady
      It cannot be ever said ye
      For the battle were not ready
      Stand and never yield

      Form the hills rebounding
      Let this war cry sounding
      Summon all at Cambria's call
      The mighty force surrounding

      Men of Harlech onto glory
      This shall ever be your story
      Keep these fighting words before ye
      Cambria (Welshmen never) will not yield


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