Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Nobody hurt he says"

My answering machine picked up when I called
this morning, so we must still have power in Katy.
Now I feel a slight amount of pussy-remorse, like
maybe I fled too far and too fast ahead of a storm
that didn't really do anything. Oh well, I'll get my
"Big P" tattoo when I get home. I'll wear it with

It looks like southwest louisiana got whacked
pretty good, especially the cameron area. This is
really unfortunate for the price of natural gas,
because as you travel west of grand isle, the offshore
production becomes more and more gas heavy, until
offshore texas it is all gas. The East and west Cam
offshore areas produce a lot of gas.

Also Cameron is a large port and support base for
offshore operations. Before this month I would have
said that the big three are Venice, Fourchon and
Cameron, LA. Now two of the three are wiped out,
and Fourchon was damaged. This will slow down the
return to normal operations and add a big lag factor
to the return to prestorm production.


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Blogger Sharon said...

I'm just glad you're okay.

3:24 AM  

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