Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Panic sets in

I just made a trip to Kroger on the way home from the office
to see if I could top up our hurricane supplies. the place was
fuller than normal, like a satuday morning, but not packed.

When I passed the water aisle there was nothing...just bare
shelves where my cool refreshing bottled water should be,
no evian, perrier...nothing. I grabbed a couple 12 packs of
coke and sprite, and a case of beer, then I saw her. She was a
slender blond, about 40, very nice, and she wouldn't meet my
eyes, and her cart was full of water! I pushed my cart a little
faster in the direction she came from and I struck gold, a crowd
of about 20 people standing around a guy unloading a pallet of

I pushed into the crowd, "how many?" he asked me breathlessly.
I hesitated then said "3", since I already had some water at
home. He loaded up my cart and I walked away, with my cart
full of water, beer, poptarts and granola bars. When a young woman
tried to catch my eye as she oggled my water, I looked away and
slunk out of the store.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:16 PM  
Blogger Commander Oneshot said...

Good blog, Joe. I think you're tribe is bigger than you, though.
That bottled water did go awfully quick today. Should we risk the tap?

5:22 PM  

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