Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Back in Barbados

Oh well, I thought I would be free to be at home and
enjoy my home and family for another week, but plans
changed and I had to zip (if an 11 hour trip is zipping)
back down to barbados for the next project.

I had a pretty good week at home though. My parents
have power again after only 10 days in the dark. I thought
I'd have to make a trip over to Picayune to pick them up,
but it was going to be tricky because there is still little
to no gas to be had south of Jackson, MS. Luckily I wasn't
needed and I won't have to strap a 50 gallon drum on
top of my camry. The downside is I won't get my entry
in the redneck olympics, my past events have included
transporting a matress on the roof of my car while holding
it with one hand.

Sharon over at domestic engineer has another operation
upcoming, so my hopes are with her, and if any readers
are practicing christians you can add her to your prayers.
I doubt my lapsed catholic prayers do much good.
Or just go read her site, she's a reliably great writer.


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