Tuesday, June 14, 2005

North to Alaska

I'm in Anchorage for a couple of days for some
presentations. Beautiful country, much hillier
than louisiana. I'll put some pictures up if I manage
to get some good ones, I've got a flicker account and
I think I've learned how this interweb thing works.

Just a reminder to my future self; don't fly if you have a
cold. I thought my ear drums were going to burstduring
the landing, exploding with a jet of blood, and I was thinking
"must aim ears at uglier stewardess" all the time sweating
like a whore in church since it felt like those little animals from
star trek II were eating their way out of my head, meanwhile
the other stew looked at me as if she was wondering if
I'm one of those terrorist al-canadians.

Anyway, I made it alive and my ears finally popped, and they gave
me a chocalate moose at the hotel, ...so all better now.
(a giant, chocalate moose-shaped lollipop)


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