Friday, June 10, 2005

All we are saying, is give peas a chance

Mr Beelzebub over at Free Market Fairy Tales makes some
great points about the hipocrisy and waste generated by the
renewed live-aid concerts. Go, read the rest.

Furthermore, the Beelzebub household (admittedly in the guise
of Mrs B) is the proud charitable sponsor of a donkey in Devon,
a seahorse in Bristol, and a goat that was sent out on a free holiday
to the Gambia (Did it call? Did it write? Did it buggery …)

So I don't need reminding that those of us who live in the lap of
comparative luxury need to do our bit for those who have to get
up at 5am and walk 50 miles to the nearest fag machine, or
whatever it is that they do in deepest Africa.

Apart from the jokes, the really important point that he makes
is it doesn't matter how generous we are, if the people we give
the money to are just dictators for life we'll end up just pimping
somebody's ride. ("those are bangin' rims Mr Mugabe")


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