Monday, June 13, 2005

Devil Dogs and demonic doings

Sharon over at Perspectacles tells a damn funny
about a posessed dog speaking her name:
A year later as I was getting ready for school, my mother said casually, "I don't suppose we ever told you that we had to have Scooter put down last year because he said your name."

I choked on my Cheerios. I think I actually sputtered some milk across the table. But that's the dramatic way my mother likes to introduce things.
("By the way, we had to have the talking dog destroyed.")
(go read the rest, it's funnier)
We never had a posessed animal at our house, but
we did have a haunted door, where two of my siblings
heard a demonic voice and a maniacal laugh. It was the
door that my father added when he converted the
garage to a spare bedroom.

I was young enough, maybe 10 or 11, that no one
in my family told me what was going on, because they
rightly thought that they would scare the shit out of
me, and I would have never entered that half of the
house again.

I only found out something strange was happening
when the parish priest showed up to bless the house.
He sprinkled a couple of drops of holy water around
the rest of the house until he got to the spare bedroom,
then he intoned "Is that the door?", my brother nodded
gravely, then Father Henry unloaded on that door. He
sprayed so much water that we probably had a mold
problem later.

Who knows what the priest thought, something like
'what kind of nutcakes are coming to my church' or 'is
it too early for a drink?'

The blessing apparently worked though, no one else heard
maniacal laughter or demonic voices there again.


Blogger Sharon said...

Wow, I so wish that priest could have made a few visits to my house ;)

Thank you for the mention -- I am very appreciative!

3:23 PM  

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