Sunday, June 26, 2005

"It's not a news story, it's recon."

Something else to make me choke on my cheerios:

The Arab TV news network criticized by the new
Iraqi government and others for its anti-American
bias and willingness to carry the messages of terrorist
organizations, including al-Qaida, is headed for the
U.S.-Mexico border to document how easy it is to enter
America illegally.

The best quote was from Minuteman Chris Simcox

"Would we allow Japanese or German television to
film the unsecured border during World War II?" asked
Minuteman spokeswoman Connie Hair. "These people
broadcast to the enemies of America. It's not a news story,
it's recon."

I've been wondering since 9/11 how I can help with
defense of this country since I'm too old to reenlist.
Maybe it's time to buy a musket and go join the minutemen.


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