Friday, June 24, 2005

Anarcho - Tyranny rules

Jerry Pournelle is a science fiction author who is knowledgeable
about physics, political science and history, and one of the
subjects he often returns to is Anarcho-tyranny:

Anarcho-tyranny: in which major crimes and criminals go unpunished because the authorities are unable or often afraid to act, while the police continue to enforce laws when and where it is safe to do so: Murder rages in one part of the city while minor traffic offenders and scofflaws in middle class sections are sent to jail. Cherry picking by police.
To me this story demonstrates clearly what seems to be
happening. Cash can be confiscated as drug money, and
you are considered guilty until proven innocent if you try
and get it back.

Police don't stop dangerous criminals, but traffic stops and
tasering helpless motorists is well within procedure.
Administrators at elementary schools must expel students
for any infraction. The TSA is a joke, they
search the same people over and over, eg if you buy a
one-way ticket, you'll get searched.

Political correctness is a big part of this problem. Problems
can't be named because doing so will mean saying a possibly
hurtful word to some minority group, or majority group for
that matter.

Follow the rules. Be politically correct. Don't make waves and
maybe the government won't seize your house.

[Anyone keeping score would say this drunken rant means a
tilt to the left on my part, but I'd say the problem is the
government, whereas a leftist would probably say the government
is the solution, just not this government.]


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