Saturday, September 02, 2006

traveling shoes

I put on my ugly but easy to take off shoes that I normally wear
when traveling and jetted off down here to ecuador this evening
My plane arrived at 11:10 pm, just as the buzz from my free in first class
drinks wore off. It's hard to have first impressions in a darkened city,
the surrounding neighborhood is built right up to the airport, but it looks
quiet and everyone seems nice.

I've never been here before, but it seems similar to Bogota, really high
altitude and kind of cool for august (2800 m, 59 deg F). My first trip
to Bogota was a white knuckled adventure, the only thing I knew about
the country was what i had seen in a Harrison ford movie. A driver picked
me up at the airport and dropped me off in a fairly dirty company apartment,
I didn't know if I could drink the water, there was no food and I had no
pesos. I pictured armed bandits outside the windows, armed with RPG's
waiting to attack my convoy. I boiled some water and stuck in the freezer
to cool down and went to sleep on someone's bed.

I woke up that next morning to a beautiful day in one of the nicest neighborhoods
I've ever lived in. The other engineers used our apartment as a party pad, so
it was kind of funky, but nice. This trip I know more what to expect, so the
massive throng of people waiting outside the airport was no big deal. A driver
picked me up and dropped me at my fairly 3 star hotel, and now I'm blogging
on a wireless network, wondering what will happen next.

If I don't totally fuck up the next couple of weeks I'll be changing the blog
name from coonassintexas to coonassincolombia. This is more alliterative, but
I'll probably have to change it to something that offends no one.

Fuck 'em, C in C it is!


Blogger Sharon said...

You have, I swear, the most interesting life.

4:31 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

not that interesting really, once you've been on one rig, you've been on every rig. the only thing that changes are the rednecks. The louisiana rednecks (me) are only slightly different from the mississippi rednecks, which are only slightly different from the colombian, venezuelan, bajan or indian rednecks.

we're all the same, wherever you go, there you are.

5:57 AM  

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