Saturday, September 16, 2006

Movin' on up

Well I'm back in Houston again, mostly to close out my
current job and put the house on the market. My ever efficient
and lovely wife patricia has already done most of the work of
getting the house organized and ready to be sold, so really
all I did was sign the disclosure agreement and put some
superglue on the broken microwave oven handle.
(This is our second house with a broken handle, am I too
strong or what? ...what)

I'm sort of jet-lagged, hungover and tired, since I ran into
my old roommate from the last time I lived in colombia
in Quito yesterday, and we stayed out drinking until about
an hour before I had to leave for the airport. In my new job
I won't have to travel so much, but since we'll be living in
a foreign country, it'll be more like continuous travel. I may
not be jet-lagged as often either, but I'll probably be in a hung-over
state more often, since the point where I'm almost drunk is
the point where most latinos are just getting warmed up.
Beer is just a warmup for aguardiente, or pisco, or tequila.

what's the old saying "whiskey before beer, never fear"
drink 4 beers then 3 pisco sours...have a miserable flight
back to houston. Oh well, I'll have to do some liver
stretching exercises.

We went out and saw "Gringolandia", which is the zona rosa
in quito...or the tourist nightlife area. I thought...'that's kind
of offensive to name a part of the city making fun of gringos'
until you actually go there and see the places jam packed with
gringos with too much time and too much money.


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